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A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!



Your intermediate heroes share some of the new things that Old Man & Skinny Guy are offering to the community as well as more opportunity for you as a listener to make real changes to the show!

We also hint on future projects to come!



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In trying to understand the definition of the term Revenge LARPs, Old Man & Skinny Guy learn so much more than they anticipated. And who benefits from their learnin' stuff? You do!
Old Man channels his inner Farva from Super Troopers for the initial rant.
We posed some questions to the LARPing community about the term itself and what those types of games actually do for the community. We wound up with more information and input than you can shake a stick at.
Much thanks to the LARP subreddit community for their input on this topic, the folks from the Double Exposure LARP Community on Facebook and to Kelvin Ortega; the co-creator and storyteller at Aurum out of New Jersey for sharing his thoughts on Revenge LARPs as well.
If you want to continue the conversation, you can visit the LARP subreddit conversation, or join us on our Facebook page.
Our next topic will be about cultural appropriation in games. If you're interested in that topic, let us know what you think!
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Old Man & Skinny Guy go to the movies! And they were so excited about the movie Ready Player One that they had to talk about it and share that conversation with you!

Major spoilers for the both the movie and the book if you didn't partake of either of them! You have been warned!


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Ralph A. Attanasia III is our guest on this latest episode. While he is probably most known from TV's Cake Boss, we've known him for many years through live action role playing.

It's a hilarious, eye opening roller coaster of emotions as we delve into his seedy past and sort through his devilishly handsome present.  If you don't understand what any of that means, it will all make sense (probably not) once you listen to the show.

Ralph has a number of things he dabbles in which we discuss and some we didn't. He made mention of the movie minutes he does on other podcasts such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minute and the Mogwai Minute. He also has some awesome YouTube videos where he shows cake sculpting techniques from his work with Cake Boss!

Below, you will find some of the things we discussed that we said there would be pictures of.


 Captain K'nuckles


Badly taken photos from Old Man of the table top miniature houses Ralph makes. 

ralph_house1.jpg  Ralph_House_2.jpg



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Our next interview will be with a semi-famous celebrity. This bonus track will give you the opportunity to guess who that might be!

Listen to the clues and the rules to figure out who our next guest will be!



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Welcome to our new segment, Old Man Yells at the Sky! This a new piece of content where we try to tackle some of the more contentious issues facing the gaming community.

This month, we talk about whether or not LARP (live action role play) games are protecting themselves and their "staff" by following state and federal labor laws. We want folks to be aware that sometimes even a hobby should be following basic FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) guidelines with those who do any type of work at their games.

We would like to note and thank LARP Cynic and the article, LARP and Employment – is my LARP legal? Fan Submission, that inspired this conversation. 

We also want to hear what you think about this topic. You can follow and message us at our Facebook page or email us at

As noted in the show, we are NOT professionals by any means and any concerns about the topics addressed would be better asked of a professional in that field.

Next Topic on Old Man Yells at the Sky: Revenge LARPS

Helpful Links:

The Department of Labor 

Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act 

Non Profit Organizations and the FLSA



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Convention LARPs: You either love them or you've never played them. At least according to some. Old Man & Skinny Guy share some of their favorite stories about one shot convention LARP (live action role playing) games and some of the amazing people that run them. Most of the games mentioned ran in 2016.

There are laughs, tears and the whole gamut of emotions. You'll hear about the wonderful folks of Phoenix Outlaw Productions, the game runners of L5R (Legend of the 5 Rings) LARP version, and our friends at Double Exposure, Inc. 

Also mentioned are Lizzie Stark and her book and website about the world of LARP, Leaving Mundania.


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Have you ever heard of a game and wanted to know more about it through the eyes of someone who has played it already? That's what we do in this episode with the popular RPG (role playing game) Deadlands! 

We have some of our favorite people, Team Waerloga, join us on a magical journey! As the novice, Old Man asks a serious of pointed questions about the game he barely knows and tries to learn what it is to be part of this interesting Weird West role playing game.

This round-table was fun and entertaining. Half of that being the people in the room, the other half was feeling their love and joy over this game!

Check out both their LARP, Waerloga and the game Deadlands! Of course, after you listen to the episode.


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February 23, 2018

Bonus Track 11 - ???


This is one of the quickest bonus tracks we've ever put together! We want to update you all on what's happening in the upcoming weeks and months for Old Man & Skinny Guy!



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We deviated from our normal bonus tracks (if they can be called that) to actually talk to all our listeners. We want to try and do something a bit different and we explain in depth what that is. 

It doesn't impact our overall goal to support the gaming community. In fact, we feel that it will strengthen and enhance it. But that is also for you to say as part of the community!

So give us a listen and reach out and let us know what you think!

Again our contact info is:  or on our Facebook at 

And please contribute to this awesome documentary kickstarter about the art of Dungeons and Dragons! Info can be found at:  or on their website at  and 



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