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A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!



Another sneak preview of next week's episode! Our guests (multiple for next episode!) are Gia Grillo and Sean Jaffe. Their sound check was so hilarious there wasn't any doubt that we would share it with all of you.

These amazingly entertaining folks who love to tell stories and entertain others give you a sample of the great interview they gave with us!



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How does one go from mild mannered to full on mega creator of awesomeness? We find out from our latest guest, Megan Dawson Jaffe. And the only thing false about the stated question was the mild mannered part.
Megan talks with us about her beginnings that have led her to the path she is currently on. She shares with us some of the games she has helped to develop like Ex-Arcana and the Pacific Rim LARP. She discusses the company she is co-owner of Nerdy City that helps facilitate much of the games she works on.
She also mentions how costume businesses such as Manhattan Wardrobe Supply are beginning to do more with the cosplay community!
You can find her on Facebook or if you need some costume inspiration, you can look through her Pinterest!
If you ever wanted the skinny, down low on costuming, this is the episode you've been waiting for!
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This bonus track is a sneak preview of next week's interview with Megan Dawson Jaffe.  She is an amazing designer that is also a gamer and puts her skills to amazing use in both the gaming and real world!

If you want to learn more, you'll just have to listen to next week's episode! If you can't wait until next week, then listen to this sneak preview! 


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This year at Dreamation 2018; yet another amazing event run by Double Exposure Inc., we recorded a live show with some amazing folks!
Shannon Fidler - Who you might remember from Lady in Threads and Destination Penis Island. She talked with us about why she attends Dreamation and she sits on the rest of the show as our special guest co-host! We also totally did not add a tid bit of Destination Penis Island into one of the breaks we took when setting up for a guest! (We totally did.)
Josie Kreil - Josie sat with us on For the Love of Tentacles and for some reason decided to sit with us again! She discusses some of her upcoming projects, her first time coming to Dreamation and some favorite gaming stories to boot!
Mark Sedlazek - Mark is new to the show and is the artisan responsible for Wolf & Raven Arts! He creates amazing pieces of costuming and pieces using foam! Looking at them, it's difficult to not think they are actually made of the materials they appear to be! He also discusses some of the games he loves and how they inspire his creations!
He is a freelance artist and propmaker from Central New Jersey. He has been larping for about a decade and has been a foamsmith for about five years, creating armor and weapons out of foam. He has started a youtube channel to bestow his knowledge onto others and hopes to inspire other crafters in the gaming community as well as make bigger and better props for games and cosplay. His main inspiration is scifi and fantasy with video games and tabletop RPGs being his main source of visual inspiration, and he hopes to bring more obscure characters to life from less visual games to give them a solid basis in reality. 
Ericka Skirpan - She is currently the head storyteller for Project Ascension and senior story staff for Dead Legends LARP. She's been running immersive, theatrical events for over a decade and intense, emotional LARPs for almost as long. She shares alot of these experiences with us in the show.
She has a BFA in theater from the University of Toronto where she was the artistic director for "In the Moment Productions," a theater company dedicated to audience interactive, classical theater experiences. She believes in bringing captivating, emotional, cathartic transformations to actors and audience alike through live storytelling.
After playing Gertrude in 2017's InsideHamlet, as well as participating in the groundbreaking Nordic LARP 1942, (which she discusses with us as well) she is highly looking forward to combining American Freeform storytelling with more Nordic-LARP inspired designs for future projects.
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We visited the LARP of some of our favorite folks, Team Waerloga! They were gracious enough to allow us to talk with some of their players to talk LARPing, Waerloga and the mysteries of the universe. Most of those mysteries reside in NJ for some reason.

Interestingly enough, they actually wanted to talk with us! We got some really good perspectives of why players specifically come to Waerloga and why they LARP in general. They also shared some of their favorite battle stories!

They can be found on their Facebook page is you click here!

Much thanks to our guest Nat Mason, Ana Kline and Kait Wheeler! You were all awesome!

Also thanks to Dom O'Sullivan for sharing the info about his LARP, Post Pandemic. If you're in the Lancaster, PA area and looking for a LARP, check out the page and give them a try!



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Your intermediate heroes share some of the new things that Old Man & Skinny Guy are offering to the community as well as more opportunity for you as a listener to make real changes to the show!

We also hint on future projects to come!



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In trying to understand the definition of the term Revenge LARPs, Old Man & Skinny Guy learn so much more than they anticipated. And who benefits from their learnin' stuff? You do!
Old Man channels his inner Farva from Super Troopers for the initial rant.
We posed some questions to the LARPing community about the term itself and what those types of games actually do for the community. We wound up with more information and input than you can shake a stick at.
Much thanks to the LARP subreddit community for their input on this topic, the folks from the Double Exposure LARP Community on Facebook and to Kelvin Ortega; the co-creator and storyteller at Aurum out of New Jersey for sharing his thoughts on Revenge LARPs as well.
If you want to continue the conversation, you can visit the LARP subreddit conversation, or join us on our Facebook page.
Our next topic will be about cultural appropriation in games. If you're interested in that topic, let us know what you think!
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Old Man & Skinny Guy go to the movies! And they were so excited about the movie Ready Player One that they had to talk about it and share that conversation with you!

Major spoilers for the both the movie and the book if you didn't partake of either of them! You have been warned!


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Ralph A. Attanasia III is our guest on this latest episode. While he is probably most known from TV's Cake Boss, we've known him for many years through live action role playing.

It's a hilarious, eye opening roller coaster of emotions as we delve into his seedy past and sort through his devilishly handsome present.  If you don't understand what any of that means, it will all make sense (probably not) once you listen to the show.

Ralph has a number of things he dabbles in which we discuss and some we didn't. He made mention of the movie minutes he does on other podcasts such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minute and the Mogwai Minute. He also has some awesome YouTube videos where he shows cake sculpting techniques from his work with Cake Boss!

Below, you will find some of the things we discussed that we said there would be pictures of.


 Captain K'nuckles


Badly taken photos from Old Man of the table top miniature houses Ralph makes. 

ralph_house1.jpg  Ralph_House_2.jpg



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Our next interview will be with a semi-famous celebrity. This bonus track will give you the opportunity to guess who that might be!

Listen to the clues and the rules to figure out who our next guest will be!



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