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A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!



An interview with some of the most creative and fun individuals, Team Waerloga! Joe Carnes, Kime Apgar, Luna Vernon and Ken Carnes sit down with us to talk at length about their inspirations, their joys and their pains in creating the LARP Waerloga! Learn their secret joys and terrible secrets as they discuss their mysterious LARP past and present. Then there is some discussion about some games such as Faeglen, Nocturne, Doomsday, Aura (a defunct LARP) and Dead Legends.

Once you delve in the minds of Team Waerloga, there is no return! And why would you want to return? It's really damn fun in there!




 Image: PolaRoid Rage


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It's amazing the things you talk about when you're not sure how to start a conversation. Our guest started telling us about something she heard about and hilarity ensued. Afterwards in doing our research, we finally found the actual place we discussed. It is in South Korea and it's named Haeshindang Park. Of course it's unofficial name is "Penis Park". So yeah...there you go.


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September 15, 2017

Episode 2: Lady in Threads


Our first guest, Shannon Fidler sits down with us to discuss the myriad worlds she belongs to. Her early days start with many things anime (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Naruto and Cardcaptor Sakura) as well as video games galore (Sega Genesis, The Sims, Overwatch and others). We talk about her experiences with cosplay and conventions such as Otakon and Zenkaikon. We also delve a little bit into Cosplay is not Consent. We find out the passion both Shannon and Skinny Guy have for Steven Universe and learn how an amazing t-shirt from Tee Fury brought Skinny Guy and a stranger closer together.

Skinny Guy hits her with the hard hitting questions about GI Joe while Old Man reveals his fandom for The Dating Game. Also, Crabs Adjust Humidity! There is some mention of Harry Dresden and the Blues Brothers!  All this and more in Episode 2: Lady in Threads!

Episode 2: Lady in Threads~Photo Credit: PolaRoid Rage



Photo: Robert Paul Esports Photography
Model: @RockleyRock (on IG & Twitter)

From Henchmen Studios

Shannon's Pearl Cosplay18161338_1283561225096129_33297838155382

~Shannon's "Pearl" Cosplay along with "Rose Quartz" from Steven Universe at Zenkaikon 2017

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We delve into a dark point in Old Man's history where he discusses a deep wound that seemingly has never healed. As one would expect, it took place on Halloween during one of his infamous treks to the NYC Village Halloween Parade in the early 2000's. It was a visit to the after party at Webster Hall that our hero encountered the one thing that wakes him from his rest, screaming in abject terror and frustration.


 Old Man before the "incident"

~Old Man earlier in the evening before the "incident".

The judgement begins

~ Old Man is brought before the crowd for judgement.


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September 1, 2017

Episode 1: Two Men & a Podcast


Our heroes discuss their origins and what exactly makes them eminently qualified to do a podcast (hint: they aren’t). They touch on many topics ranging from their early start in video games to their historically epic meeting when they both played the same LARP (live action role playing) game.

Whether you are a casual or old school gamer, there is something for everyone in our exciting premier episode!

Here are links we mentioned in our in intro.


Raging Chicken Press:

Inside 254:

We discuss many old school games and their systems such as Atari, Nintendo and Colecovision. There is talk about some games by Blizzard as well.

When the talk shifts to LARP (live action role play), we discuss Knight Realms; a fantasy LARP out of New Jersey.


Birnum Pyre

~ Photo Courtesy of Knight Realms

 A young Skinny Guy as a fancy elf of the woods, Birnum Pyre.


~Old Man circa 1998

 This is what Old Man considers makeup intensive. What do you think? Let us know at or on our twitter @oldmanskinnyguy






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Holy Underwear! Thought our first episode would be on September 1st? Well, it still is! This is more of a "getting to know you" courting period! Learn about who we are and why you should listen to our podcast!

Don't forget that for as little as $2, you can be a part of this amazing podcast by becoming a patron of the show! Go to and click the "Become a Patron"! Easy peasy lemon squeezee!


~The photo is of artwork found around the Hill to Hill Bridge in Lehigh Valley.~

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