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A podcast of two friends (of disparate ages and body types), who have gaming discussions; sometimes serious but mostly hilarious, about gaming in all its forms. This podcast is a way to share stories and experiences, interview local gamers, support games, the players and have a blast while doing it!


All the way back to Episode 9, we interviewed an extremely talented singer/songwriter/musician by the name of Shawn Hutz aka Erik BPD.  Here is his YouTube page as well!

We pulled 3 of the 4 songs he sang for us to make it easier for all of us to enjoy! We didn't put the fourth song on because you should go back to Episode 9 and listen to it! It's also amazing!


All the way back to Episode 9, we interviewed an extremely talented singer/songwriter/musician by the name of Shawn Hutz aka Erik BPD.  Here is his YouTube page as well!

We pulled 3 of the 4 songs he sang for us to make it easier for all of us to enjoy! We didn't put the fourth song on because you should go back to Episode 9 and listen to it! It's also amazing!



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During our very productive day at Metatopia 2017 (produced by Double Exposure, Inc.); we were fortunate enough to sit down with a number of creators of various games.

One such creator was Kelvin Ortega. He is the co creator of the Live Action Role Play game; Aurum. Aurum, a Steampunk LARP; will be holding their first event in March 2018. 

Not only do we discuss in great detail their dates and locations, but what kind of game Aurum is and what kind of fun the players can expect once they go live! Some events that they will be at before their first event can be found here.

Kelvin was kind enough to also share some of his extensive gaming experience and advice to those looking to play or create their own larp.

Thank you to Kelvin and the folks at Aurum! We look forward to seeing you at your first event!

Note: There is a part where Old Man is shown photos of some of their NPC costuming. Unfortunately, we can't show them here, but Aurum has let us use some of the pictures from their past events. Enjoy!

Aurum Links and Photos

Aurum Website 

Aurum Facebook 

Aurum Group Page 

 @aurumlarp on Twitter 




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So with the New Year upon us, we decided we wanted to share how the magic is created with you! When recording a show, a certain amount of time is dedicated to sound checks and getting levels just right.

Sometimes this means alot of material that is no good for any of our shows. But life finds a way and so did we! Now listen to your heroes have the most inane and nonsensical conversations ever! Or maybe, just maybe, you will hear some bad impression work as well!

We think this bonus track proves the old adage, " We aren't laughing with you, we're laughing at you."

Necessary Links for Context and/or Hilarity:

Barry White Radio Spot Outtakes 

John DiMaggio Barry White Impression 

Original Orson Welles Wine Commercial Outtakes 

Bluto's Animal House Speech 



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For your listening enjoyment, here is another special holiday episode! Your heroes take inspiration from New Year's Eve traditions (mostly drinking excessively) and discuss their favorite games, Fallout and Magic the Gathering!
And from the extra long run time (even with editing) maybe they had a lot to say! Or maybe its the alcohol talking. Either way, it's probably very entertaining!
We hope you're having an amazing holiday and that you have an even better New Year!
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In our ongoing series of recording sessions from Metatopia 2017 (by Double Exposure) this year, we sat in on an extremely informative panel, "Ask a Marketing Expert". 

This panel is great for both game developers and anyone who might be interested in peeking behind the curtain of how the experts market their products to the gaming community. 

The following is the official Metatopia blurb for the panel:

"Ask a Marketing Expert: A Q&A for the Game Industry" presented by  Beth Rimmels, Banana Chan, Mike Roberts. Getting word out about your  game or company is essential for success. In this seminar you can ask  your burning questions about video marketing, social media marketing and  search engine optimization (SEO). If time allows we'll do a few quick  web site/social media audits/video critiques. Our experts include social  media marketer Beth Rimmels, video marketer/videographer Barbara Chan, and SEO data analyst Mike Roberts."

Intro Links:

Lost Colonies LARP Meetup 

Lost Colonies LARP on Facebook 

Lost Colonies Patreon 

Episode Links

This is the LARP kickstarter video project heard in the panel: Seco Creek Vigilance Committee












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A long time ago (maybe a few weeks) in a cramped recording space, Old Man and Skinny Guy discussed the new, wondrous addition to the Disney attractions; Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

For those unaware, Disney will be opening new sections at both Disney World and Disney Land of Star Wars! They will also be opening an immersive experience hotel which; when described, sounds alot like a weekend long LARP.

We discuss the actually game aspect of what has been proposed by Disney (Live Action Role Play) as well as our hopes and wishes for what they might actually add before opening in 2019.

Here is the link to Disney's initial announcement in July.

Here is a link to the Disney Fan Club that shows more of the proposed theme park.

Inside the Magic's Youtube page:  Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge name announcement, more details - Disney World, Disneyland - D23 Expo 2017

  "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" is a disco single recorded by Meco, taken from the album Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk

Skinny Guy's Bulletin Board Links:

NES Classic Edition 

Super NES Classic 

Sega Genesis Flashback HD 2017 Console 




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At Metatopia 2017; produced by Double Exposure, we sat in on a panel about the importance of mental health during gaming. In this instance, there was a specific focus on LARP (Live Action Role Play). The panelists discussed their own personal journeys and how they manage to cope. 

It was a very informative and powerful panel that we are grateful to have sat in on. We are also very happy to present it to you.

 The following is the description of the panel:

"Dungeons & Dialectic" presented by Kate Beaman-Martinez,  Jacqueline Bryk and Ysabel DelaRiva. The act of play allows you to access elements of  yourself that wouldn't normally be available. But how do you properly  deal with those emotions and experiences? This panel will discuss ways  to practice good self-care while playing, handling emotional issues at  game, and using self-observation to improve your experience. The  panelists are not medical professions. However, they have years of  struggling through their own mental illnesses and have learned to live  and cope with their own . This panel will make suggestions based on the  therapies that they have used as well as what has worked for them."


 D_D_panel1.jpg  D_D_panel2.jpg


D_D_panel3.jpg   D_D_panel4.jpg


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Enjoy a night among the criminal underworld of a Galaxy Far Far Away and help us raise money for Liberty Humane Society at Cathedral Hall!

This is an immersive roleplaying experience that will allow you to come out for a night and wheel and deal among the galactic underworld in a beginner-friendly Live-Action Costumed Event. We offer a fully interactive event, with exciting activities like card games and real droid racing, an escape room, and drinks for players of all kinds.

This is a charity event to benefit the Liberty Humane Society of Jersey City, which is a shelter serving the Newark/Jersey City area. They are attempting to expand the shelter, but they are in need of the funds to do so, and this event is specifically to aid in that.

The Wretched Hive re-creates a familiar scene: a popular intergalactic cantina which also happens to be the court of a massive alien crime lord. Come rub shoulders with smugglers and bounty hunters, have a drink or play a game of cards, and maybe even learn a thing or two about the Force!

Nerdy City

Nerdy City Facebook Event


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There are many creative people in the gaming community that have used their experiences to expand on that creativity. Shawn Hutz is one of those people.

We discuss his early gaming influences (J.R.R. Tolkien, 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun) that eventually led him to the LARP scene at the Pennsylvania based Sci-Fi LARP, Doomsday.

Shawn shared with us some of his personal story. He tells how the gaming and LARP communities in particular, helped him with personal anxiety issues as well as helping him face some mental health problems.

He also shared with us some original songs:

"Please god keep driving"

"Hold on for your life"

"Going Home"

"Get Out"

"Your heart is a muscle" - a cover of the same song from Ramshackle Glory 

You can find Shawn on FB here:  

Here is his YouTube page: Erik BPD 




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November 24, 2017

Bonus Track 6: OMSG Outtakes 1


Hey there! This week's bonus track highlights some of the craziness we've cut out of some of our starting episodes. I like to save these because it reminds us how far we've come in a short amount of time. 

While some of these are funny, our ridiculousness has just become more epic. So expect funnier and stranger outtakes from here on out.



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